I am a 200-Hour Yoga teacher, taught by inspirational Anusara teacher Bridget Woods-Kramer. I have also undertaken training modules on how to teach Yoga and mindfulness to children. Having worked as a primary school teacher, and being involved in the education sector for over a decade, I have always been passionate about teaching. It is wonderful being able to inspire others through the knowledge you impart on them, and seeing how this helps them to overcome any perceived obstacles and challenges they face.

Yoga is a life-long journey; every day is different and every practice is different. I discover new aspects about myself all the time that either seemed unlocked or unnoticed before I began to practice. I believe that Yoga helps to reconnect us with the breath, allowing us to turn our awareness inward. It can bring calm to the chaos of the mind and provide a sense of inner peace from our hectic lifestyles. Yoga can help reenergise our physical well-being; improving our posture, strength, flexibility and stamina.

My Yoga practice is a journey, not an outcome, and along my journey I have learnt a lot about myself and experienced holistic benefits, both on a physical and spiritual level. I would love to help ignite the passion and desire to practice Yoga in others in the same way as Yoga has inspired and awakened so much in me.